Current Standings Make Your Picks What You Win

The 2023-24 Season is here! Make picks to help your favorite content creators in the standings for their respective titles! NSFW models participate for the SMC NSFW Model Of The Month titles while all other content creators compete for the Broadcast Brand Of The Year!

Your successful picks for NSFW models throughout the season will also help her in the Performer Of The Year standings and just one play will automatically qualify her in the 11th Annual Miss Super Sunday contest happening in January 2024!

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Rules specific to the 2023-24 NFL Season are as follows:
It is $25 to play each week during the regular season. You are only allowed to play once per week (Pick 6 different NFL teams each NFL Week). Any additional submissions will not be counted as wins. Your picks must be submitted for games that have not yet started. For each correct NFL pick you make, you earn your selected content creator 10,000 SMC Points in the current standings. There is no risk to play because if you do not win any of the 6 picks, your selected content creator instead will receive a participation winning total of 6,000 SMC Points (the equivalent value of $25 paid SMC Points). A successful Pick 6 (going 6-for-6) will result in a winnings of 100,000 SMC Points total awarded (60,000 SMC Points for the wins + a 40,000 SMC Points bonus). Points for correct picks are added to the standings and announced on Twitter at the conclusion of each NFL week (normally on Tuesday).

In addition to helping content creators (which includes a crystal for monthly NSFW model winner and championship belt for annual "Broadcast Brand" winner), points accumulate towards the NSFW Performer Of The Year title (winner is awarded up to $1,000 in additional prizes)! All NSFW models that receive just one play will automatically qualify to be crowned as MISS SUPER SUNDAY (details announced when brackets are set in January 2024).

SMC Points won by playing Naughty Football only count in the following: SMC Model Of The Month [NSFW Models], SMC Performer Of The Year [NSFW Model’s accumulative totals], and Broadcast Brand Of The Year (open to all streamers except NSFW Models already participating in the other categories).

SMC Points that are won playing Naughty Football DO NOT convert to votes in any other contests such as Adult Model News Sponsored Contests. Playing Naughty Football for your favorite NSFW model will automatically qualify her for Miss Super Sunday however all vote totals for that contest will begin at zero for each model at the start of the NFL Playoffs! There will be special rounds of Naughty Football during the NFL Playoffs that will include special winnings for models in the 2024 Miss Super Sunday totals.

All decisions by the judges are final.